Late September I set out on a road trip with a motley group of fashion people to the remote corner of NSW, Victoria and South Australia to find a landscape that challenged our comfort, that reminded us of the Earth we too often forget and neglect.

We worked hard for two days, in the freezing cold, rain and midday heat to create a series of images that reflected the ethos of the ethical new fashion label, The Road, that is challenging the fashion industry and consumers at large, questioning what costs are involved in creating fast cheap fashion, both environmentally and socially, and in turn producing sustainable fashion that pays the people who grow the cotton, make the clothes a fair rate. 

Check out the beautiful site here

The Road Director – Nikki McAllum @theroadclothing #theroadclothing

Creative Director – Candice Agius @candiceagius  

Copywriter – Alyx Gorman @alyxgorman

Art Director – Rhys Ripper @rhysripper

Photographer – Cybele Malinowski  @cybism

Retouching – Justin Malinowski @justinmalinowskiphoto

Film – Dhyan Verco @dhyanverco

Models – Nathan McGuire @nathan.mcguire and Gemma Mottershead from Pride Models @gemmamottershead

Stylist – Olivia Smythe @livsmy_

Hair & Makeup – Corinna Wilmshurst @corinnawilmshurst