Alarm Magazine- Tango Saloon- CoverShoot

This is a shoot I did last year for a great mag out of Chicago called Alarm Magazine. The issue I was shooting for was ‘Invisible. Overlooked albums and unseen artists.’ With the hefty task of shooting a gypsy band, Tango Saloon, boasting a cast of nine, I had to figure out a way to shoot all of them, without making it look like a reincarnation of The Polyphonic Spree. A long-time lover of Avedon, I used one of his techniques. Shooting individual portraits of each subject, and aligning the images into a long sequence of shots. This allows me to spend time with each musician, really get something personal and unusual out of them. My shot of Danny’s drum kit ended up gracing the cover.

Special thanks to Billy Hydes across the road, for their shiny instruments.

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