And the ARIA goes to….

Congrats to all the nominees and winners at the Arias tonight. It’s so exciting watching some of my favourite bands I have shot over the past year up there on stage winning awards and belting out ballads and pounding on synths.

Art Vs Science, for Best Independent Release. Loved your performance too. I recognize those goggles from our shoot! I have a suspicion Angela Cheung helped style your Aria costumes.

My award for Art Vs Science is ‘Funniest Photoshoot Ever’ I lost my voice for a week after laughing so hard when you were pretending to fear seagulls.

Claire Collins, you get ‘Best Manager Ever Award.’

Boy and Bear
. Awesome work on 6 awards!!! Let’s go back down to Bronte and take some victory photos.

You guys get my Aria award for ‘Sweetest Band Ever Award.’ Sergent Callahan, it appears you have been promoted to Aria Callahan.

AND Gotye and Kimbra. Beautiful Wally and Kimbra. You guys have created something so quintessentially singular. Wally, I have shot you many a time, and generally half naked! You are incredible. I can’t wait till our next shoot. You come in with so many great ideas, it’s like spring break for the surrealists when we shoot.

You guys win my Aria for ‘Nakedness.’ And no, I am not referring to your video. I’m referring to your ability to strip down any listener to their rawest emotions. You tapped that shit!

Ok, now off to the Aria party!

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These photos are spectacular! I mean, such a lovely feeling to ALL of them! And I just adore the pictures of Gotye! Splendid, A+