Covers Opening Night

Firstly, I just want to say thank you to everyone who came to the opening last night. There was an incredible turn out, the Becks flowed freely, and good times were certainly had. Daniel and I were totally stoked. Even Tony Mott came! He and Sophie Howarth were the last artists to exhibit at Mart gallery before us.




Continue through to take a squizz of the socail snaps from last night. (Thanks Deckland @ Hobgestapo)

josh pyke

ben lee




sam la more


And once again, thank you to those who made this happen. Mel @ Mart Gallery, our thirst quenchers at Becks, and Oasis Charity, for your endless great work. And thank you Sarah Norris! Once editor of Drum Media. I hold you responsible for my foray into rock photography. One person I would like to give special thanks to is my brother Justin, for all his support, advise and hard work in the lead-up to the show, and every day, every shoot that he has helped me on over the past five years. Without Justin, I could very likely be an architect right now. So thank you Justin!

And Daniel! My love, my life! THANK YOU! and CONGRATULATIONS! We did it baby!

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