Lanie Lane

Me and Lanie went for a cruise and stroll in Centennial Park to snap these pics for Drum Media. I love this girl. I first met her over a bowl of Pad Thai on my couch after Daniel had done a shoot with her. We ordered thai for dinner, and she just stayed on after everyone had left and ate and watched tv with us.

I knew I wanted to do something outdoors, to somehow focus less on her rockerbilly sensibility, which has been overshadowed by her country blues vibe of recent (I am speaking dress sense more than anything else by the way people). So, we decided on Centennial Park, found some beautiful locations that I haven’t used in previous shoots- can you imagine there are untouched places still in Centennial Park! and borrowed Lanie’s record label manager Andy Kelly’s wheels for the second part of the shoot. The shoot went so smoothly, Lanie is just such a natural in front of the camera, we were done and dusted in 40 minutes. Yee-haw!

I just love this shot. Her hand covering her face. It’s just so cute.