Splendour in the Grass 2010 Photobooth (from the archives)

I’m heading up to Splendour for the 4 year (YEW!) to setup a backstage photo studio for Triple J Mag. Shooting all the musos before they head on stage. Back at beautiful Byron too. Very excited. One of the best jobs of the year for sure.

Every year I promise myself to put up a gallery of all the shots. It’s amazing how many portraits I get through over the festival. Last year I reached almost 100 portraits of musicians including The Kills, Wild Beasts, The Hives- sadly no Jarvis Cocker. That would have been it for me. I would have shot him, put my camera down, lit a cigarette, and walked into the sunset, content, ready to move to the coast and go on the dole.

So, the plan is to upload some portraits every day leading up to this years Splendour. Here’s some handsome frontmen to get this show rolling. Enjoy!

Angus Stone

Yannis Philippakis, Foals

Dan Sultan