Jackson Firebird

Drive for 2 hours on a dirt road, and your bum will get sore. This is what I learnt while driving to Mungo National Park from the hometown, Mildura of Aussie-Rockers Jackson Firebird. Mungo, a national park bordering Victoria, NSW and South Australia is a dream. An eerie moonscape ready for a creepy horror film or Total Recall 2. The sunset washed the rocks with a red so deep it’s not hard to imagine what Mars would be like. After Mungo we drove back to Mildura, I got an impromptu road show from the band- yes that is his drum kit!  (shot 3) and the next day we went to some of the coolest locations I have ever seen! A scrap yard filled with old put put range monuments, an old pub’s basement with its own taxidermy museum, and so so many kitsch motels. I was in photographer’s heaven. Thank you to Warner and Jackson Firebird for the hospitality. I want to go on another road trip! Stat!

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