I always find that my work happens in waves. For a few months it will all be fashion, or model-maison or commercial jobs, and in music I go through waves of shooting bands. 2014 seems to have been my year for songstresses. From clambering down ancient valleys in country Victoria with Lanie Lane, to hanging off cliffs with Missy Higgins (we were both pregnant, but that didn’t stop us), or scaling fences with Tkay, being pregnant for pretty much the duration of 2014 didn’t stop me. In fact, it fuelled my shoots, it pushed me on further.

Up until the week before I gave birth, I was shooting with an insatiable appetite. By that point I was directing shoot from a chair- while my brother Justin (also a photographer) shot for me. I have never wanted having a child to stop me from shooting, or give people the impression that I will stop. It’s true, when your baby is born it’s a ceremonial farewell to your ego. Certain crap that used to upset me, or distract me has just disappeared. What has remained is the core ego. I love my work even more, with such little time, and energy to spare, the irrelevances in life have disappeared, and all that remains are the truly important elements. My new family, my true friends and work. I was worried my drive would die with the birth of my daughter, but quite the opposite, I have a new clarity, a focus.

I’ve done a few shoots now that she is 3 months old, and it’s just the same. As soon as I pick up that camera, the world slips away and it’s just me and the subject working together to nail the shot. Thank you to everyone who stuck by me during the pregnancy, thank you to my clients who had faith that I would still deliver, it was such an honour photographing so many talented and beautiful people this year. But a special shout-out to the ladies. You are an inspiration to my little lady.