My trip from the perpective of a bird.

After 2 months of travelling and 9000 photos, I am back in Australia. It’s going to take months to collate, retouch and publish them, so I thought we’d start with an overview of my trip, from the perspective of a bird.

When the sun refracts from the double glazing of the plane window onto my lens filter, a kaleidoscope of colour spreads over my photos.

A kaleidoscope of colour dances on the river Dnieper. The water from Pripyat River in Chernobyl runs straight into the Dnieper, into Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

Sleeping Germans (Yup, I’m a creep)

Landing in Vienna

I borrowed my mates Hasselblad XPan panorama for the trip. Primarily for my Iceland landscapes. Once you shoot with an Xpan, 35mm seems truncated.

Nevada Desert (check out some shots from my last trip of Las Vegas suburbia)

Full moon rises over LA. Heaps more shots to come!