Vacancy outtakes- Boomtown Belle

Vacancy- Boomtown Belle, Louisiana Delta
The shots taken between the motel rooms.

Photos taken during our mission to find oil down the Delta, only a month after the BP oil spill. We didn’t find oil, but we found a lot of disillusioned people, and very few animals to give us their account.

This is the bus I peed behind. That is the Boomtown Belle looming in the background. An abandoned casino steamboat.

This is the guy, Boomtown Bill who called out from the ‘abandoned’ steamboat to ‘watch out for them gators’ as I covered my bare ass and did up my fly.

This is the same guy, Boomtown Bill who invited us to walk over the plank (and waiting alligators) onto the Belle. He showed us around, we shared some beers and cigarettes in the stinking hot heat, and went gator fishing off the side of the boat. When in Rome.

This is where he slept at night. Under a universe of stars, the warm Gulf air blanketing his sleep. Huck Finn.