Vacancy Outtakes- Up in the Air

Today we are taking down ‘Vacancy.’ The motel room installation is being demolished and heading to the tip (sad but true), and the artworks are coming off the wall and to their new owners. I will be putting the artworks up online soon, and an more PG rated video of the installation performance piece.

To say goodbye to the show I thought these photos taken from the lofty heights of a plane would be fitting. End of one journey, beginning of the next.

I have already started looking into flights to Odessa, and Russian language lessons. The next project is going to be a mammoth one!

This is what happens when the light refracts between a circular polarizing filter and the double glazed plastic plane windows. Neat huh!

This is a lake just outside of San Fran.

This is a very long bridge.

This is the wheat belt.

This is a girl sleeping. This is also testament that I am a creep.

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