Vacancy- the last motel

If I haven’t spammed you already of Facebook, I had a solo show opening, as part of Head On Festival last week. Featuring 16 large prints of desolate motel rooms, empty corridors and lonesome guest pools. The show also houses a reconstruction of a motel room, and, on the opening night gallery goers could peek through the windows and watch a lonesome traveler dress and undress, bathed in the light of the TV and an amazing ‘Vacancy’ pink neon sign I had made for the show. It was amazing how shy most people were to see a little bit of flesh!

A video now loops on the TV showing the footage from the opening night of our lonesome traveler. The show runs for 2 weeks all up, and it’s been amazing thus far. Please head down if you haven’t already!

Conceived while driving between towns in the deep south of the states, the show is a nostalgic trip back to the era of road trips and dingy motels. An homage to the 20th century which is rapidly slipping out of our reach. No planes, no chains, Daniel and I stayed in humble old motels down the west coast of the states (except for a couple nights at the Roosevelt LA- it was a holiday after all), and then followed the I-10 from Louisiana across to Florida. My mum and I traveled from NY up north along the I 95.

Once Head On had accepted my proposal to exhibit my friend Imogen and I drove my new wheels up the east coast of Australia in search on more kitsch motels. They were plentiful. We are talking about country NSW and QLD after-all. Daniel met up with me for the last leg of the journey back to Sydney.

Long and short, come check out my exhibition if you haven’t already, it will be open till Tuesday 15th May. Here are some links to reviews and info.
156 Clarence St, Sydney CBD
Open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 11-5pm, Closed Sunday.

Alt Media– great interview by Angela Bennetts, The Thousands, Kluster and Yen.

For those who haven’t got to GAFFA yet, I won’t blog all the pictures from the show till the close, so instead I will release a few series of proof prints from the trip that didn’t make the show. All that happened between the motels. Some of these shots are from two years ago, but it’s amazing how the tiny details in the memory come back when I look at these pictures. I want to go back and travel! For the camera geeks, I used a Bronica Zenza and my trusty Nikon F90.