Jet Star- Alex Pullin

‘Cybele, we have a hot snowboarder for the cover of Jet Star Magazine. We need to shoot him in Sydney. Where can we shoot him?’

‘By the ocean of course!’ Remove the salt, add some altitude and you have snow. So, there we were, the middle of winter, on the clifftop of Long Reef, stylist Mikey Abouyi’s traveling wardrobe strewn across the car-park, a Lacoste white knit here, a Northface jacket there, a semi-naked Alex Pullin over there. All three girls- editor, makeup artist and photographer do our hardest to avert our eye. How does a snowboarder keep such a great tan?

This was one of my first shoots after spinal surgery, but I was still running around, up clifftops, down sand dunes in the glorious winter sun. It was such a beautiful day, and this was my old stamping ground. My grandfather and I used to come and eat fish and chips at Long Reef, it brings back so many memories. A special place. I suggest going for a picnic up there, or even a spot of golf.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. We did!

Client: Jet Star Magazine
Photography: Cybele Malinowski
Assistant: Ash Holdsworth
Stylist: Mikey Abouyi
Grooming: Rachel Montgomery