Sunday Life-Matilda Brown

My dear friend Sarah Oakes has moved over from editing Cleo to Sunday Life. She introduced me to the Cleo world a few years ago, and now has opened the doors to Sunday Life. Thank you Sarah! So, my first assignment was a cover shoot of the wonderful Miss Matilda Brown, and here is the result. The story is about kids in their 20s reluctant to leave the safety and comfort of home. So, we (art director Aleks Beare and I) decided to focus on the youthful side of Matilda, picking and choosing the more playful clothes stylist Jolyon brought in. I wanted to portray her as cute, cheeky, playful, without turning it into a Lolita-type affair, not sexualising the basic concept of youth. We got some pre-school chairs in, and, as Matilda is the effervescent bubble that she is, she happy clambered all over them, using her innate acting sensibility, creating a story within such a simple setup. So here they are! I have another top secret cover shoot coming up, featuring another buddy of mine, can’t wait!

Photography: Cybele Malinowski
Talent: Matilda Brown
Art Direction: Aleks Beare
Hair and Makeup: Charlie Kielty
Stylist: Jolyon Mason

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