Elliat Video

Here’s a video I shot for Sydney fashion label Elliatt. Featuring the beautiful Lola Van Vorst, self professed bad dancer. Disagree! Her brief was to look like she was in the middle of a mushroom trip, and I think she takes us there, to a 60s psychedelic dance in the back of the room at Whisky A Go- Go. This was the reference I gave her. Check out the dance moves in this clip! Amazing! We played Tame Impala’s album on repeat all day. I can’t listen to that album that album for a while.

The music reference was another key element to this clip. After giving muso Simon Carter this 69 track‘Yesterday’s Folk’ as guide, he spent a night in his home studio and came back with the beautifully dreamy track featured on the video. He is a musical virtuoso.

We shot in my studio and in the pool in my garage. Pretty handy having a pool with a glass wall!

Thank you to Stephen Claxton for his great job editing. We worked on last season’s Mad Love clip together.

Here are some photos I took on my legit Lomo- bought in Vienna 12 years ago.


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